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My 3.14 carat GIA diamond is breathtaking!!! I LOVE it. I should receive a new wedding band tomorrow and everything is BETTER than before. The cut and clarity on this stone are far superior to my previous ring and I was able to get it for THOUSANDS of dollars less than the store here and you beat the prices on the other websites by quite a bit also!!!

The main thing is the exceptional cut and brilliance of this diamond and the pleasure of buying from you.

Thanks SO SO much!!

Betty Ann Wolff
Roswell, GA

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I made my first purchase with Diamondcutters.com in 1999. I bought a very large, well cut diamond and naturally, I was concerned about wiring Diamondcutters.com so much money when I haven't even met them before. Nevertheless, one day after wiring them the money, I received the diamond. I took it to a local jewelry shop to get it mounted and the store manager asked the jeweler who worked there, "Why didn't you sell him the diamond through our store?" He grudingly replied to the manager, "Because he bought the diamond for thousands less than we would have sold it for!"

In 2005, Diamondcutters.com bought the diamond back for what I bought it for in 1999. Again, I was concerned about sending them the diamond before they sent me payment, but again, my fears were baseless. Two days later I received a check from them.

I would unhesitatingly buy from Diamondcutters.com again. They are extremely ethical, honest, and dependable. I believe that these three qualities are essential for any business, and Diamondcutters.com masters all of these qualities while demonstrating a degree of professionalism rarely seen in todays business world.

Dr. Lee Shuwarger
Amarillo, TX

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"I researched diamonds for 6 months before finally purchasing a diamond for my soon-to-be Fiancèe. I received the one carat diamond I selected in a lovely temporary setting. After I proposed, we brought the diamond to Reinstein Ross, my fiancèe's favorite jewelry store in New York City. There we chose a setting together. We had the stone set in 22k Rose Gold. Reinstein Ross took about 2 weeks to create the setting and set the diamond. It is just spectacular! We also chose a matching wedding band. Thank you so much for offering so much value. I could not have done it without you! Diamond Cutters is the best place to purchase a diamond."

Hoboken, NJ

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"I recently purchased a .82 carat diamond from Diamond Cutters. The diamond is beautiful -- in fact, it is surprising how much better it looks than diamonds I have seen of similar color and clarity, the difference must be the cut. I had it mounted in my wife's original engagement ring setting. After setting the stone, the jeweler appraised only the diamond at an amount significantly more than I paid. His appraisal had the identical clarity and color that were listed on the GIA certificate on your website. I am sure you knew that would be the case, but confirmation of the excellent value you are offering your customers always helps. I WILL be a return customer."

San Francisco, CA

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"I just received my ring. It looks gorgeous! Better than I imagined. Good job! I can't wait to give it to my soon-to-be fiancèe. We are going back to Germany over Thanksgiving, and I think that's when I will pop the question. Thanks again!"

Hamburg, Germany

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"I am so impressed with the diamond I purchased from you. I had been to countless jewelers before I found Diamond Cutters and I felt like I wasn't getting the best deal. I stumbled onto your website by accident one night and looked at the many diamonds offered in my price range. I was shocked by the prices. I thought, there is no way they could be selling diamonds at these prices. I was a really big skeptic and decided that there must be a catch. Later, I told a jeweler about my discovery and he told me not to trust Internet sites. He proceeded to show me diamonds that were more expensive and of lesser quality than what you were offering. I went back to your site to read your return policy and money back guarantee. I figured, I have 7 days to evaluate the diamond; if it didn't measure up I would send it back. I contacted you that day through the website and talked to Leah. She was so helpful and patient with me. I must have told her 15 times that I really wasn't sure about this. I said I was going to have the diamond scrutinized by many jewelers and that if it wasn't what she said it was I would return it. She reassured me that many people have the same concerns and that if I weren't the least bit satisfied, she would refund my money. Leah told me she would have the diamond to me the next day. Wow, that is service! I was absolutely amazed at how brilliant the diamond was. I took it to 8 jewelers and had it appraised. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the response. The diamond is beautiful. It was every bit of what Leah said it was. I had it set and proposed to my fiancè 4 days later. She is amazed at how gorgeous the diamond is. Thank you so much for your service, honesty and integrity. I have recommended you to many people already. When I buy again, I will definitely buy through Diamond Cutters."

Nashville, TN

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"I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the incredible amount of help and the ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND I received from Diamond Cutters. We are very pleased; you have proven that there are people in this world who stand by their word. We have set the diamond in a very simple, but elegant, platinum setting. There was absolutely no need for anything fancy when the diamond is this beautiful. My bride-to-be was so stunned by the beauty of the diamond, all she could say over and over again was, "I have never seen anything so beautiful."

Madison, WI

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"I must admit that I was very apprehensive about buying a diamond from the internet. As time went on though, I realized that the internet was only the vehicle that brought me to your company. With our endless phone conversations and your unending reliability to get back to me with the answers to my questions, I now feel we have a very good relationship and that is to your credit. I will be a buyer from you again in the future, as I now know for sure that you are honest and sincere. Thank you again for all you help. You have helped make our engagement that much more special."

Toronto, Canada

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"I received the diamond I ordered last Monday. I am very pleased with the quality of the diamond and with the service I received. I must admit that I was very worried about conducting this transaction via the internet and telephone. It is refreshing to deal with people of integrity and I wanted to pass along to you my thanks. Hope to do business with you again in the future."

Houston, TX

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"Thank you very much for sending me a diamond that was of superior quality and at a vastly lower price than anything I had seen at any of my local jewelers. I must say that I was apprehensive about ordering such a significant item over the internet, but once I received the stone, I was so overwhelmed by its beauty and quality that my apprehension was replaced by sheer admiration. I particularly love the fact that certificates for all of your stones are available for viewing on your website. The certificate that accompanied my diamond assured that me that "what I ordered was what I got". I had spent quite a bit of time researching diamonds through literature and by visiting a lot of local jewelers. So I knew roughly what to expect in a diamond and at what cost. Let me just say that my expectations were greatly exceeded.

I cannot wait see the expression in my girlfriend's (soon to be fiancèe) eyes when she first sees the diamond! Thank you again for your courteous, prompt, and honest service."

Tucson, AZ

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"Just wanted to say thank you. I bought a 1/3 carat internally flawless diamond from you for $900 in February. I had the ring set by a local jeweler and was engaged over Easter weekend. My fiancèe is absolutely thrilled with the ring and many of her friends have told her they have never seen a more beautiful diamond. It really sparkles! I had the diamond appraised by a local jeweler for over $2300! My fiancèe cant stop telling me how "perfect" the ring is :)!

I would recommend Diamond Cutters to anyone. Delivery was no hassle and next day! Please feel free to use any part of this letter on your site."

New York, NY

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"Thank you for all your help in upgrading the diamond in my wife's ring. I received the ring today. Your service was excellent from arranging the pick-up of my ring to next day delivery, gift wrapped and all !!! Thank You!!! My local jeweler said his same size diamond of inferior color and clarity would cost about 1.5 times the price I purchased your diamond for. In addition, he said he couldn't have it ready in time for my wife's birthday, which was 3 weeks away. I can't believe I just talked to you Tuesday, and I have the ring in hand today (Thursday). I'm not sure if I can wait another 2 1/2 weeks to surprise my wife. Maybe your service was too fast :)"

Seattle, WA

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"My fiancèe and I recently purchased a diamond from Diamond Cutters and I wanted to sing Leah's praises. She's the consummate professional. All my dealings with Leah were great - from initial phone call to the final mounting - which turned out beautifully. Of course, it starts with a beautiful stone and great cutting. I'll be honest, we checked several diamond web site databases and store locations before I found Diamond Cutters, and only one came close. Needless to say, we ended up buying from Diamond Cutters. In a world where compliments are usually out numbered by complaints, I wanted to say "Thanks" and tell you what a great job you are doing, from diamond cutting craftsmanship to Leah in sales/customer service!

P. S. I've already referred you to a friend's co-worker. Hopefully he will go to DiamondCutters.com soon!"

Greenwich, CT

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